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--Hi Mr. Brites, Sorry for the late reply, I wanted a newer video and it's been raining a lot in Texas.

Also thank you for all the past help and everything. My season's going really good and I feel a lot better.
I used to hit choppers or bunt and then beat it out but this season I've gotten a ton of hits to the outfield gaps and I missed my first homerun with a BBCOR by like 15 feet. I feel great and now I really like hitting. I used to hate it when I came up to bat. I probably got more hits to the outfield in the past five games than entire 50 game season last year. And I'm going to try out for two 14u Major teams in the summer.
Thank you for the online instruction and hitting help.--Justin

Anthony, Just wanted to thank you again and let you know Kennedy won the coaches award for JV baseball. He was 3rd on team in BA, 2nd in extra base hits, and first in OB%. He was also picked for the District team.-Ken
--First , Will went 2 for 3 last evening and drove in his first 2 RBI’s 
he was a clutch hitter with bases loaded. I was wondering if you could send his last swings side by side with his original swing so he could see the difference as well
Looking forward to the next lesson on Tuesday at 7--Linda
Each week we receive txt, emails and phone calls from parents and players, some are questions about hitting, most are about player progress.  
--Thanks Anthony and thank you so much for helping Andrew. His swing has come so much further in less than 10 lessons with you than it has in dozens of lessons over the years with ex college players who hang out a shingle. --Tony.

-Anthony, Brett had a better day hitting. He went 2 for 4 with both singles line drives, one to center the other to left.--Doug

-Our first 2 games were yesterday,we won both. Evan went 2 for 2 w 4 rbi’s, a bases clearing double and a single in the first and a walk. And 2 hard hit balls in the second game 1 rbi. and a walk. He is definitely hitting the ball harder, just some work on the inside and outside pitch driving the ball. --Alex

-Had to tell you Niko has a fantastic day all around from dominent pitching to great hitting. Wth the exception of one at bat all line drives that were ropes 2/2 and had 4 RBI’s--Rob

-Mike crushed the ball today, one was a dp gem by the 3rd baseman the other was a double down the left field line (rbi) Anthony the double was hit as hard as I have ever saw him hit the ball, people around me said wow--Mike

--You'll be happy to hear Brendan had a better weekend this week. Drove the ball well, hit a couple off the fence today. Any movement on your place?  Want to bring him in for a tune up.--Pat
Hey Anthony...Christian just laundched a 3 rum HR over the cf fence picture perfect swing..its all paying off..thx Artie

Over the past 5 years I have taken my son to numerous instructors,some considered the gurus on LI. Not once was my sons mechanics analyzed and broken down the way you did it. I have sat through countless hours of instruction and never heard it explained as you do. You said your instruction is truly at a MLB level, at first I rolled my eyes as I heard it all before but after the hours we spent I could not agree more.--MIke C.

Fwd: Hiiiii my buddy !!! Well , as Joey said " I was dropping some nukes " lol . He said he hit yesterday with coach pitching to him and he hit 3 line drives up the middle and at least 3 shots to left center over outfielders heads !!! But I still think it's a long shot for him to make team since tryout is for 9th and 10th graders . Don't think they have too many slots open . But he was SOOOOO HAPPY with the way he hit !!! And it's ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! RKE: Player ability had a lot to do with it and yes Joey did make the team...

Frank D finishes the regular season with a .571 average, scoring 10 runs, 20 hits and 8 RBI's. Give that man an extended contract I say"...THANKS ANTHONY!!!  
It was hard enough to find an instructor to video my son, they felt its was not needed. When I did find someone to video he had 4-5 comparison clips on his IPad. RKE has hundreds shown on a large screen -- John C.